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  • Efficient adaptive MCMC through precision estimation, joint work with David Bolin to appear in Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics.
  • Level set Cox processes, joint work with Anders Hildeman, David Bolin and Janine Illian to appear in spatial statistics
  • Modelling new firm growth and survival, joint work Frédéric Delmar, accepted in Academy of Managements
  • Predation by avian insectivores on caterpillars is linked to leaf damage on oak (Quercus robur): an experimental study, joint work with Bengt Gunnarsson and Jenny Klingberg


Time Name position
22018,spring Statistiska metoder Lecturer
2018,Spring Statistiska grundbegrepp Lecturer
2017,Fall Bayesian Methods Lecturer
2017,Fall Statistiska grundbegrepp Lecturer
2017,Spring Econometrics Lecturer
2016,Fall Bayesian Methods Lecturer
2015,Fall Computer intensive statistical methos Lecturer